About Barbara E. Schlubach

Barbara E. Schlubach was born in New York City in 1960. Her education and varied careers have included fine arts and non-profit administration. A mid-life excursion into studying horticulture and training as a professional gardener became one of her most joyful personal achievements.


She has been a seeker and student of spiritual practices – especially yoga – for over twenty years. Her private experiences led her on a path of healing, including becoming a KRI certified (Kundalini Research Institute) Level I, kundalini yoga instructor. Her lifelong love of reading literature, correspondence, and journal writing, fused with her spiritual searches and cultivation of silent , peaceful environments, led to her ability to transcribe unseen guidance in written form. Currently her primary contact is with angelic energies.


Barbara lives and works in coastal Rhode Island, where she enjoys gardening, tai chi, teaching and practicing yoga, and time spent in nature.