Kripalu dawn.


“For anyone who considers themselves a student of life, Barbara’s book is a must-read. This portal of love is sure to uplift with invaluable lessons… and laughter.”
– Heidi D.

“I have heard (and I believe) that to incarnate on earth is a very special privilege.

Souls don’t make this journey because it’s easy. They do it in order to ‘grow, expand, and become MORE.’

What Barbara relates in her angelic transmissions is a spiritually accurate account of the very nature of ‘GUIDANCE.’ Meaning no one is going to grow for you! We HUMANS need to grow through awareness, love, surrender and compassion. Most importantly you must start with yourself and radiate outward.

One of the biggest learns? When to walk away.

Barbara bravely submits her account of angelic and higher self-guidance. I for just one, applaud this radiant effort. Thank you Barbara, practice makes practice.”

– Rene S.
“A profoundly moving exploration of one woman’s self-discovery that will inspire the reader’s own self-reflection. This book changes the way in which you will see the world around you in moments large and small.”
– Liz S.
“This book is magnificent! I’ve been channeling for the past twenty-five years, so I thought I might get something out of it, but it probably wouldn’t have anything new to teach me. How wrong I was. The depth of Barbara’s commitment to herself and her ever-evolving process alone is astonishing and beautiful. The guidance she receives starts as play and ends up as clear and loving and richly truthful as anything I’ve ever connected with myself. This book really is a primer, for the beginner and the ‘expert’ alike. It shows us how to connect with our Guidance and it shows us, over and over again, that there is only love. That our spiritual team, or angels, or whatever you want to call them, live in that frequency and that knowing, and that they are also passionately concerned with our experience of our day-to-day lives. They shower Barbara with love and they give her clear, detailed suggestions on how to shift the energy in her life whenever they’re asked. Reading this book was a huge pleasure and a gift. I’ve opened up to even more trust and clarity in my own spiritual communications. Words can’t express the warmth and gratitude and deep delight I feel that you’ve written this magic book and that so many others will have the sheer pleasure of reading it and feeling their lives change for the better as a result. My life will never be the same. Thank you so much Barbara. I can’t wait for the next one!”
– Padme L.
“I was so impressed by the way the author took what were clearly very challenging feelings and personal experiences, harnessed them and channeled them into a force for good: she not only transforms herself for the better but also has written a book which, I’m sure, will inspire others to change their lives, and has the power to awaken in them hope and the strength to change. She finds her own strength and inspiration in conversations with an angelic presence that guides her to find a path to the light through a maelstrom of feelings. Although the book is presented as a personal journal where she transcribes her own exchanges with these angelic voices, it actually serves as a thought-provoking roadmap for anyone seeking to explore the possibilities of pure communication between a human and the Unseen.”
– Nicole R.
This book changed my life. Everything is so relatable and directed and guided me to a much happier self. Thank you Barbara for sharing these personal entries, you are an inspiration.
– Alex R.