IMG-1887 (1)The time seems right to share these excerpts from the We Thought You Would Never Ask  book chapter  “This is the Paradox”:


[page 138]


“What good did that episode just do me?


Angels:  You’re writing to us, aren’t you? The most uncomfortable episodes in your life are the ones which provide the greatest opportunity for soul growth. You are having trouble reconciling this periodic discomfort with the expectation that your life will become happier and more serene as you become wiser on the path. This is the paradox humans must come to terms with. It is why it is important for you to remember your radical acceptance practices, which are applicable in every single human situation. How, for example, would your panic attack appear in the framework of radical acceptance? … 


[page 143]


…While editing WTWNA in late 2018, I felt the concept of paradox mentioned above needed more explanation. This was their answer: 

Beloved, we are ready if you are. What you call a paradox is something which only appears to the rational, logical, linear mind, because of the way it – the mind – is wired or constructed. The re-education of humans will involve teaching them to resolve paradoxes by learning to switch with facility from the head brain to the heart brain, on command, on preference, on invitation, situationally and fluidly, as instances and needs dictate. What appears to be two mutually opposing conditions, irreconcilable from a logical point of view, is simply that: appearance. The human species is in crisis now because of the widespread refusal to incorporate wisdom practices – all of which have been mentioned many times in this  book – of love, faith, trust, hope, acceptance, patience, tolerance, and self-restraint, to name a few. Therefore, many humans will encounter teaching situations, and some will learn, and some will not. A paradox is only a challenge; it is only a word which names a condition which humans have dealt with for time immemorial. The solutions are within you, as they always have been. We stand by to encourage the learning, to ease you through the teaching, to bless your every effort towards making simple, better choices. Having experienced this first-hand, darling child of light, you know these things in your bones. Can you help us spread the message?


The Angels”