Fresh Lessons in Acceptance, and Healing Fear

A creased, dog-eared sheet of paper fell open on my desk today, and I found this entry from 2019, written during a medical crisis.


Sunday, August 18, 2019  11:15 am

Dear Angels,

Tell me about this past week and its scary overwhelming-ness, please. Over to you.


Beloved, type on, we are here. Bless you unto infinity for this precious contact and your connecting to the connection, leaping past time, space and your human boundaries to fuse the tangible and the intangible on this screen. We love our daily miracle, and the smile that always washes across your face when these first words flow out. We know you are struggling to sit through this and hear us while your body symptoms wash something else through you – fear. The many, many variations of fear which you know as a human.  Scared, lonely, terrified, anxious, nervous, worried, sad, unsure, insecure, disbelieving, rejecting, incredulous, not-me, impossible, no way,  get rid of it, FIX IT, return me to balance and stability, don’t let me die, do I have to?, what do I do, help me!, nononononononononono!


Yes, all of those, and more, have washed through your body-mind-spirit this week, for you are going through a profound crisis of change. We do not say you are in a crisis, for it is, like everything else in your life, it is an energy which is moving through you.  It has become a very uncomfortable back-to-basics training for you, as you summon all of your skills, knowledge and abilities to navigate a totally new situation, which is putting you into deeper states of physical and emotional stress, for a sustained time, than you have ever known before. And there is nothing for it.


Yet, you are in constant connection with us, you are managing the symptoms, and yet each moment brings a fresh lesson in acceptance.  It is this moment-to-moment managing that is hard for humans, for a 24- hour period is filled with thousands of them. And so, your lesson is to sustain the acceptance through thousands of moments. This is a highly advanced lesson, and one you will practice for the rest of your life. It may never become easier, but you know what to do, and you know also that there is a guarantee that the lesson will be repeated. As you work with this knowledge, your skills will deepen and such mastery will shift the quality of your life. Practice it now, here, with us – see what you notice.


 …You see? You feel better. Pair this with an ongoing release of your conditioned expectations – a giant challenge – of what your life is supposed to be like, and these two practices will help to relieve the inner pressure which contributes to your sensation of squeezing.    


Surround it all with your sustained practice of self-blessing with love, love, love, pulsing the washing wave over your body, and oh,


Beloved One, you SHALL heal yourself!


This is the lesson.


How we love you, brave one, striving one, precious being of light and solid being of Earth!


The Angels