Chi’s Gift

Wednesday, October 28, 2020  9:00 pm
Dear Angels,
I have something positive to write about, for a change. An uplifting incident occurred tonight while our group was at Beavertail Lighthouse doing tai chi.
It was a cold, misty, overcast afternoon, and we met early, at 4:30, to avoid the oncoming dusk. There were four of us students plus the teacher, and we gathered on a grassy green spot about 100 feet away from the lighthouse, so we were really in a prime, central spot almost at the tip of the peninsula. Everything else around us was in shimmering shades of gray – the sea, the sky, the clouds. The water was nearly flat, with no wind. Just one or two walkers strode the paved perimeter.
We began, peacefully, in our accustomed silence, moving smoothly as a unit from the practice built up over years of group energy. The five of us formed an informal circle, with about 8’ between each (for social distancing). After about 20 minutes, a small brown bird flew up and landed on the verge of our circle, and then began its business of hopping and pecking and searching for bugs. It hopped right inside our circle, and stayed there. It then began visiting each of us in turn, hopping and pecking directly at our feet. It was so cute, everyone broke concentration and began adjusting their feet, or pausing to look at this sweet visitor. I know everyone was just beaming behind their masks – I  certainly was.
Now, the tai chi form we do is about 45 minutes. Little Bird continued to keep us company, and remained inside the circle for the remaining 25 minutes or so of the form. It continued to make its rounds, visiting each of the 5 of us in turn, very consistently and democratically, calmly hopping within inches of our shifting feet! And so it hopped, pecked, and visited throughout the entire rest of the form, clearly having adopted us as some kind of strange, large flock where it felt comfortable and safe. Or maybe the tai chi energy attracted it. After we completed the last motion in sync, we turned, fascinated, and looked at our new friend, still in the center, still hopping and pecking calmly away. Frankly, we all just melted. Each of us knelt or leaned over to offer it our fingers, and see if it was tame enough to hop on (no). Discussion began…was it a juvenile, what was the species, was it lost, was it wild or tame, what should we do about it…and then we figured, let’s see if it keeps up with us as we walk away. Well, Little Bird did! It stayed right inside our group circle as we slowly strolled towards the parking lot. It paused for a minute by one of the old building remnants… but then flew back to us and hop-walked within our circle, keeping pace with us as the sixth, inner member of our flock. We melted even more. After a few attempts to coax it inside a box, or feed it crumbs, eventually we herded it over to the dense cover of the brush, made sure it was happy on a branch, and walked away. Shahin said we should name it ‘Chi’. Judy took some photos and is going to try to ID it.*
But angels, this was a heart-breakingly lovely end to our last outdoor class of the season, as though an animal totem of peace was blessing us with its presence (well, I did invoke you and St. Francis for blessings, yes).
So please tell me about this quietly powerful interaction, which effectively disrupted our group’s concentration by melting our hearts, faster than any loud noise, human or mechanical, has ever done in 15 years of tai chi practice. All on a silvery October evening in a shifting time of change.


Dearest one,
Hallelujah and peace to you, with joyful noise at this once again miracle of angel-human-now-me, now-you, over and over again, our joy to take the wheel from you and then relinquish it to your gracefully speeding fingertips on the keyboard. Knowing you would never dream of writing such glowing words about your own body, or own skills, we heap it upon you with laughter and light.
 And so, your day this day was blessed by a visit from the animal kingdom, a bird-friend who sought friends, who sought company, who sought shelter in an exposed land of sea and sky. Your new friend Chi knew safety when he saw it, and so he joined you. Your peaceful movements create waves of energy – which you know instinctively, but you cannot see them, they are invisible to you. These waves of energy can be read by other beings which have the sensitivity, this is their intuitive communication and biological wiring, if you will. Although yes, Chi is a young bird, and so more trusting and untutored, and more likely to approach a human or humans, know also that your energy circle has great attracting powers and brings peace to the land. You act like a lighthouse yourselves, and the ripples of your energy vibrate optimally in all directions from your southernmost vantage point. It is not so strange that Chi should join you, but that more animals do not approach you fearlessly, given this attraction!
 With the cessation of combustion engines, both on land and sea, peace vibrations carry farther and are stronger, with fewer disruptions. Therefore, walk this place again, look for your friend Chi, and know that circles carry strong power to heal. Circle the lighthouse, bless your steps and your way, invoke all the powers – which you know well – ask Us to join you – and radiate your own healing vibrations out to the world. For Chi is a messenger, calling you to act, and continue your work in every place you visit, sharing your circle of light equally, just as he hopped around to each of you equally.
Witness the power of a tiny bird to touch hearts and bring smiles, create community and foster cooperation. One tiny bird!  So what is it that you might do, with all your powers, blessings, focus, awareness and willingness? We bless you for this writing, for such tiny ripples may start tsunamis of peace…
 Chi, indeed, dear angel friend. Chi, indeed.
The Angels
 *We think it may have been a brown-headed cowbird.