Some excerpts from We Thought You Would Never Ask:

This book she is undertaking with us is an important work. We are using her to get our message of love and light through to humans.”

– The Angels (from “A Letter From the Angels”)

Write, lass, write.  Strange to say it is your challenge to overcome the sadness, the weariness of trying so hard, the discouragement – when you conquer these, you feel ease.  When you feel ease, it all flows.”

– Barbara’s spirit guide John, 3/10/11 entry

We bring you the power to understand your power.”

– The Angels, 4/18/12 entry

Bless those years of pain and searching, dear one, they are your treasure hoard.”

– The Angels, 12/23/14 entry

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January 2021
284 pages

ISBN 978-0579-79715-1

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