Peace Fits Not

The 19th C American philosopher William James observed that all religious and spiritual traditions are based on one four-letter word:  h-e-l-p.   And so we are led to  “the door of human asking.”   In a departure from my usual call-and-response angelic writing, on May 12, 2019 I was touched to transcribe this beautiful poem when it flowed onto the page:


Over-thinking and under-feeling

Tends to complicate the healing

Withdraw the brain, promote the heart

Peace fits not in a shopping cart.

Sit thee still and breathe thee deep

You will find the opposite of sleep.

Love thee long and love thee wide

You shall find Yourself inside,

Stride thee forth on salty strand, or seat thee by the fire

All We ask is that you turn to Us, and quietly inquire

Or knock: the door of human asking opens up the crack

To Universal Love that always has your back.

Transcribed Sunday, May 12, 2019