The entry below came through on June 19th, in a month of great change, chaos, and overwhelming detail as I received my first print run of books from the printer, and went into a period of sharing, mailing and giving copies to all the caring people who had supported me during the process of writing the book. I had just had a rough day, moving through a lot of what I felt was ‘spiky’ energy from people and situations – aggression, anger and wake up calls – a flat bike tire not the least of it. So I knew I had to write to the angels for guidance. I found this passage to be thrilling, comforting, and true, so I share its magic with you here:


“Sweetheart, we are here, rejoined by these scrolling letters and your tapping fingers … can you doubt that we would fly to this opportunity to love you? Blessed girl, rejoice, the connection is made and we take over from here, our chance to speak to one and all in clear language and joyously published prose! So type on, dear one, we will keep your fingers busy!


Your relief – we feel it. Yes, this is the profound feeling that is starting to sweep through everyone who even touches Our Work – your book, the sacred communication, education, and primer that we intend to reach the human species. Relief. Floods upon floods of relief, the same ecstatic knowledge which came upon you the night you realized, “I’m not alone!”


This is a vibration which will begin to spread outward, bringing increased relaxation, happiness, calmness, knowing. We are planting these vibrational ripples – it is how it will happen. You are the instrument – well, one of them, for yes, we have millions of agents on the planet, some active, some budding, some dormant. Angelic seeds, indeed. Bless you, sweet angelic agent ours. And then the smiles will come, and the look of recognition – “ah! A kindred spirit…”, and the connection, and the growing army of Lightworkers.


Think you now of how many old situations you have outgrown, of what you have left in the dust, cast aside, shed as a skin, find astonishingly minor now, barely recognize, and smile kindly upon the Barbara-who-once-was. This is evolution, and your privilege is to proceed through it quickly enough (at a blistering speed, if you must know) to be able to have this backward-glancing, compassionate perspective. Do you appreciate the miracle? Monarch butterfly that you are now, wings still unfolding, moist from the chrysalis, beat them gently as you prepare to fly – and pollinate! Find an image of a butterfly and post it with your visualizations taped to the wall. This will help you in days to come as you ride the currents of change.


Yes, beloved, the time is approaching when you must stretch out your foot for the next step, knowing that the path will rise under you and elevate you ever higher. You are ready, it is time, you are listening and watching for clues, and your physical and mental capabilities are returning to full functioning again. You did indeed go through an extreme time of total breakdown, deconstruction, and left brain dysfunction. You were not imagining it, it was real, it was painful, it was hard for you to manage your life logistics, and it was frightening. It is over. We love you, star of our hearts, your bravery and persistence has won through. You saw the fear, you ignored it, or chanted it into the ethers, and this opening allowed Soul to grow, expand, flourish, take precedence. This is the optimal balance for you, love of ours – for the Soul to prevail in your many energetic and bodily systems.


You have touched it, it has touched you, and the days to come shall teach you the true meaning of this mysterious word which you have read with such detached curiosity, so many times: RADIANCE. No longer shall it be a myth, a theory, a pretty word used to describe a spiritual workshop. No, it shall issue forth from you, and that will be that. You will know exactly where to go, what to do, and this, beloved, shall be your cruising altitude!


But all of this, you say, does not pay the electric bill, or show you the clear and kindly path to from your 9-5 life to your destiny.


Trust the momentum of the book. Be prepared to move fast and work hard. All is in place. Nothing – nothing – shall be ordinary any more. Oh beloved Sarandayal Kaur, this solstice energy is a sacred tipping point. Here, it would be wise to pay attention, meditate, have a ceremony, be in nature. June 22, 2019 – the sacred numerology is three. 2019 is the year of three. How can you use this knowledge?
Write to us again, beloved, the time is ripe and these entries are valuable recordings of these times on the planet.
To bed, then – our wings whisper sweet prayers over you as you sleep.”
The Angels