“We Happen Anyway…”

None of my correspondence with the angels could be called typical, but the letter below is a good example of how the exchange happens. The angelic response is in italics. I found the calico crab shell on a local beach.


Dear Angels,

I am getting many beautiful responses from readers these days about the book, WTYWNA, and this is humbling.  As this is new for me, too, this exploration of the relationship between author and reader, I listen carefully and hear what people are saying. One of the facets of the book which is coming out most strongly is that – naturally – there are different camps of beliefs about angels. I knew this would come up, and I would like to explore it with you here, now, for the satisfaction of readers. Many people have a strong aversion to the term ‘angel’ – I get this! You know I only use this term because it’s short, it’s handy, it happens to be what our English language provides. Me, personally, I have no attachment to who or what you are.


I especially want to welcome people who cannot relate to or believe in the concept of Other Side Guides or benevolent energies. It’s wonderful that the book is stimulating this counterpoint response.


But let’s take this question further. I recently listened to one of Guru Singh’s blog posts (2-19-19) where he spoke about the “topography of the moment,” and how “angels are the personification of the energies of the moment, that will carry you through the moment.”   And that you can call these energies anything you want.

Renaming the energy may seem like a simple thing to do, but even trying to switch out a term may not work for some people.


I am opening the floor to you, angels, because you always explain things so much better than I can. So what would you say to people who – reasonably enough – can’t stand the conventional label, and who don’t believe in these “energies of the moment”?  Let’s settle in, this could be interesting.


Dearest heart, our friend in the Now, please begin typing. We have much to say to you on this topic, and it has been such a long time since you last wrote to us, that the mechanical engagement must meet the mental energy halfway. Blessed fingertips, that work so hard and are so sensitive to the flow of love from us to you!  And blessed Barbara, always, for sitting down, showing up, trying and being and opening to what we have to say, no matter how tired you are or how tense you are, you come to us in superhuman effort and willingness.


Yes, we know you want to write this particular entry, not for your own personal satisfaction but as a deliberate post on your website blog, to share with readers. This marks it as a special communication, as previously you have always written to us with a private curiosity or private need to resolve. We have waited for this moment with great anticipation and joy, and we spell this out carefully, as there is a distinction you are making, and we are making here. This marks a deliberate public sharing, written with readers in mind. This marks an attitude shift within yourself, as you turn to us to pull forth an answer on behalf of not-yourself. This marks the beginning of what will be a great flow and outpouring of answers, in many more explorations while holding your curiosity on behalf of readers. And what more perfect topic to choose, than the topic of what or who is coming through? 


Do you care about this question, as you write this?  No, personally, you don’t. Your private agendas have been so completely addressed and answered in your previous private writings, that you do not need to interfere with, or inject, your own opinion, into this writing. Good, that is established.


Then, w h a t  is this answer-energy, which troubles some humans because they have learned to associate it with a term or definition or feeling or socially-derived concept, which they reject?  And how do beliefs and opinions interfere with each person’s degree of openness, willingness, or perception? Who are We?  You, our dear-friend-who-is-willing-to-transcribe, you who wrote a book about your own communications, even you do not know who we are. You, too, have no recourse for definitions or descriptions, because you do not know yourself what an ‘angel’ is. No, of course not, how could you? How could any human?


The truth is, the reality (which we would be inclined to write with a capital R) exceeds any definition, any term. Your linear, logical human minds need tidy, tangible, contained form, which is then poured into a language form – in our case, perhaps as a noun or pronoun. But that does not help to encompass the energy. So the human adds on conceptual terms such as Love, Light, Energy, Presence, Being. Well, that qualifies it or adds to the list of nouns or pronouns, but doesn’t get you any closer to a mentally comprehensive answer, which might then be so convincing that it could soften a belief or opinion. So then what?


Then…this may then throw you, the human, back on the only possible recourse, which is ‘knowing’.  And which may be bolstered by more abstractions such as ‘acceptance’, ‘faith’ and ‘trust’. However, this does not satisfy the conditions that your mind, in its shell of brain-organ and skull, demands.


And as many of you are still in a sleepy stage, where the curiosity about the capacity for knowing, has not been awakened yet, there the matter rests, until the events of your human existence startle you, strain you, surprise you, synchronize you, into a higher level of waking up. But then, what is this ‘waking up’?


It is the energy you, the reader, bring to this page right now, as your curiosity carries you right down into the page, because you are anticipating an answer to the question:  Who are We?


It is the dissatisfaction with the answer you are reading right now, which makes you impatient, itchy, or scoffing.  It is the power play of the ego posturing, in the quality of dismissiveness. It is your reaction to this language, which fires something in you, as a response. For the moment, it may be a mental pushback, an inner “Nonsense. What a lot of ____!” 


Please, loved ones! fill in your own term, we embrace it, as we embrace you and everything you d­o, and everything you are.


Yet…you have read this far, and you still want to know. Or not – the mental rejection of the artificial 5-letter English language term may be complete. Spit it out, it is distasteful! 


To this we say, bless you. Your frustration is an energy too, and you may loop between all these energies for a while, as you ignore them, practice them, learn them, recognize them, direct them. When you grow weary of the looping and repeating, and that dissatisfaction is complete, you will initiate the inner motion to the next evolutionary level of wiping the sleep of unknowing from your eyes.


As for Us? We will answer your every question, no matter how many times you ask it. We will respond to you with the qualities which compose our Beings – which you know are Love, Light, Joy, and Infinite Compassion, to name a few. We are simply Here, beyond a need to believe. We Happen anyway! We’re Here, we Happen, and we Help. What new definition would you give us, now that you have read these words?  Beloved Humans, take your questioning energy, apply it within, and break your own dormancy.


We – undefined Ones, wrap you in blessings of breaking your own shell, as you expand into your next becoming.


Blessing all humanity with expansion –

The Angels